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The Big Broadcast for March 1: I'm Popeye the Sailor Man. Maybe.

by Rich Conaty

First there was Billy "Uke" Carpenter. He sang, played the ukulele, and sometimes broke out in a "Popeye" voice, though there still weren't "Popeye" cartoons. Carpenter made his last records in early 1931. Then there was Billy Costello, who sometimes recorded as "Red Pepper Sam," and did wind up as the first voice of the famed sailor. Costello's recording of "Dinah" is part of the eighth "Big Broadcast" collection, which includes more on my "Carpenter is Costello" theory.

UKNY On FUV For February 28

by Kara Manning
Underworld at Royal Festival Hall (photo: David Rowntree, courtesy of the artist,

Tonight on UKNY at 11, a conversation with Karl Hyde of the influential electronic band Underworld, focusing on the recently remastered 20th anniversary release of the band's seminal 1994 album Dubnobasswithmyheadman. Hyde and his longtime compadre Rick Smith embark on a sold-out UK and European tour beginning on March 5 in Bristol and they'll be coming Stateside this June with one show announced thus far at L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl. Karl discusses the unlikely road that led to this groundbreaking album and the potent role that New York City has had on his artistic life.

Also, brand new music from Meadowlark, East India Youth, Blur and more.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For February 28

by Marshall Crenshaw
The Shangri-Las, c. 1964

Due to my week being especially harried and hectic, tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10 is a rerun, and I went way back in the archives for this one, from October 2011. The whole show is dedicated to the girl group sound and era. This music was created back in the 1960s but continues to cast its spell to this day. I did the show in the first place after having to miss the Lincoln Center concert, "She's Got the Power: A Girl-Group Extravaganza," which I'm told was, emotionally and musically, a killer.

Tune in tonight to hear The Luv'd Ones, Maxine Brown, Jackie DeShannon, The Shangri-Las, and many more!

Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight' For February 28

by Vin Scelsa
Bruce Sinofsky (from American Masters on PBS)

The Spirit of Death hovers in and around tonight's "Idiot's Delight"® at 8, but don't let that frighten you away. It is a loving gentle Spirit. I was a little late in remembering the anniversary of the passing of Andy Warhol last week, and will make up for that tardiness. However, what's been on my mind for days is the passing of documentary filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky earlier this week. Bruce and his creative partner Joe Berlinger were frequent guests and friends of "Idiot's Delight,"® talking about such films as "Brother's Keeper," "The Paradise Lost" trilogy, and "Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster."