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Nick Mulvey - FUV Live - 2014

by Kara Manning

As a founding member of Portico Quartet, the Mercury Prize-nominated experimental jazz group, Nick Mulvey played the hang, an unusual percussive instrument that resembles a space-age wok and emits a haunting, trembling tone. But despite the success of Portico Quartet, Mulvey was restless to return to guitar-based music, attracted to the lyrical confidence and technical prowess of songwriters like Paul Simon, John Martyn and Nick Drake.

Mintun at the Keys

by Rich Conaty
Photo by Mark Alan Vieira

Some Sundays there are ten birthdays, and some, like tonight, there are three. But they're solid: Fanny Brice, Denny Dennis and Ethel Waters, all singers. Curiously, no band leaders, songwriters or instrumentalists. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. At times like these, I think, "Guest!" There aren't many people who "work" for "The Big Broadcast." In the early years of the show, there were still people around I play: Connie and Vet Boswell, Edward Eliscu, Cab Calloway, Ben Selvin, and I was fortunate to have them on the air.