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Aimee Mann

The Both - FUV Live at Rockwood Music Hall - 2014

by Eric Holland

Aimee Mann and Ted Leo joined forces to form a new band called The Both, and their self-titled collaborative album was recently featured as WFUV's New Dig. The duo wrote 10 original songs together, sending material back and forth between New York and L.A. The completed songs (plus a Thin Lizzy cover) on the album showcase the great musical talent and friendship of these two, and you'll hear it during this FUV Live show as well.

FUV's New Dig: The Both

by Darren DeVivo

The Both
The Both
SuperEgo Records

The Both is a new collaboration featuring two familiar names: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. It's a classic meeting of two artists who've traveled down similar musical paths.

Aimee Mann - Live Concert - 2012

by Claudia Marshall
Laura Fedele

I don't know why Aimee Mann has a reputation of being prickly or cold. But everybody I told about my session says, "good luck," as though she might take off my head. On the contrary, I've found Aimee Mann quite warm in multiple meetings and interviews. She is funny, available and, no surprise here—very bright. A great conversationalist, in fact.

Today, she is exhausted, though. She's just recorded two videos and several "promotional" versions of her songs and is about to launch into a slew of interviews ... all BEFORE doing a show for an FUV audience at Electric Lady Studios. It's all making her a little anxious about delivering on all she's promised today, but Aimee is still in good humor and cheerfully launches into a spirited chat about her new record, Charmers. Her mood darkens briefly when we touch on the trouble the music biz is in, but her attitude towards those who steal music is "live and let live."

As for the new CD, it leans hard on her pop influences from the 70's, but those influences translate into something entirely fresh: broad musical gestures and (of course) her signature hooks. One highlight: a duet with James Mercer of the Shins.

Listen below for my conversation with Aimee, as well as trio performances of new and longtime favorites from her catalog.

Aimee Mann - Words and Music - 2006

by Rita Houston
Aimee Mann and band with Rita Houston
Aimee Mann's songs aren't often associated with merriment and cheer, but things have changed this time around. 'One More Drifter in the Snow' is her first collection of Christmas music, and in-between live performances with her band, Aimee talked with Rita Houston about her own holiday traditions.

Aimee Mann - Words and Music - 2008

by Claudia Marshall
With Aimee Mann's new album '@#%&*! Smilers,' humor and melancholy continue to find common ground in her songs. A few new sounds work their way in as well, and earlier this year Aimee stopped by Studio-A to talk with Claudia Marshall about letting the songs -- and a few bitter people -- set the direction of the album.