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Alabama Shakes

From the FUV Vault: Alabama Shakes

by Sarah Wardrop
Alabama Shakes, photo by Joe Grimaldi

When you listen to FUV, you discover new music and hear great new bands perform live. That's part of what Public Radio Music Month is all about, so we're joining in the celebration by looking back at some past live performances. One impressive show was Alabama Shakes at Bowery Ballroom, just after their debut album Boys & Girls was released. It's hard to imagine anyone in that crowd not leaving there a believer, but of course, FUV made sure you didn't have to be in the room to hear the show.

Take Five with Alabama Shakes

by Sarah Wardrop

Hearing artists live on Take Five and Words & Music from Studio A gives you an inside look at the songs you hear on WFUV. It's also a great way to discover new music. Today's Take Five features Alabama Shakes from an incredible Bowery Ballroom performance last spring. That's just about the time their debut album, Boys & Girls, was released. It has since earned them three Grammy nominations, and the #1 spot in the Top 90 Albums of 2012, as voted by FUV listeners. Now the album is yours as a bonus gift with any other thank-you gift from WFUV.

Newport Folk Festival: Day 2

by Sarah Wardrop
Laura Fedele

Day 2 at Newport ended with the song "I'm Amazed", and that's also my reaction to the amount of rain that fell to end the day (although I definitely used different words at the time). Lightning and a serious downpour caused the closing My Morning Jacket set to be cut short, but I have to say, lightning may be the perfect lighting for MMJ. I wonder how far Jim James' voice traveled out over the harbor... Hopefully Levon heard his shout out on "It Makes No Difference"!

FUV... Live!

by Sarah Wardrop
Joe Grimaldi

If hearing bands perform live on Words & Music from Studio A isn't enough for you, FUV will be bringing you even more live music this summer. Wait... it isn't even summer yet. I guess we're getting a head start!

Tune in for nothing but live songs on FUV this Memorial Day, with the grand finale of Alabama Shakes, recorded live at The Bowery Ballroom. And, that's just the first show on the list of what's ahead in the next two weeks...

Alabama Shakes - Live Concert - 2012

by Alisa Ali
Joe Grimaldi

Alabama Shakes hails from a small town and grew up soaked in the sounds of Muscle Shoals. Anchored by mesmerizing frontwoman Brittany Howard, they've recently taken the music world by storm with their blues-drenched grooves and gritty appeal. To celebrate their full-length debut, Boys & Girls, they played a smokin' show at The Bowery Ballroom, and FUV was there so you can be too. [recorded: 04/11/12]

Public Radio Rocks!

by John Platt
Zoran Orlic

We probably don’t need to convince you about the invaluable role public radio plays in supporting music, but you can’t take some things for granted. So WFUV is proud to partner with NPR and other stations across the country as we declare April to be Public Radio Music Month.