Bob Mould

Bob Mould - Words and Music - 2012

by Darren DeVivo

Seasoned alt-rocker Bob Mould looked back over this three-and-a-half decades on stage in his 2011 autobiography, See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody, but he returns to his signature, power-trio sound on his new album, Silver Age. On a recent visit to FUV with his band (Jason Narducy and Jon Wurster), Bob talked about struggles, self-expression, and the variety of projects that keep him satisfied. And, he turned up the volume to perform some paint-peeling live tunes too. 

Bob Mould - Words and Music - 2008

by Darren DeVivo
Bob Mould doesn't worry about the whether Husker Du and Sugar will reunite. Instead he's finally comfortable in his own skin, living in Washington, D.C., and following a musical vision of fusing rock and dance influences. Tonight, hear songs from his new album 'District Line' as Bob Mould stops by Studio-A with guitar and amp in hand, for an interview with Darren DeVivo.

Bob Mould - Words and Music - 2009

by Darren DeVivo
Between Husker Du, Sugar, and DJ-ing gigs, Bob Mould's had a few musical lives, but his latest album, 'Life and Times,' returns the focus to the songwriting style that got him started: voice, guitar, and hard-edged emotion. With these songs in the present, Bob is looking to the past with another project, and spoke about both during an interview with 'FUV's Darren DeVivo.