FUV's New Dig: Elbow

by Darren DeVivo

The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
Concord Records

Since coming together in 1990 and bouncing through a few name changes, Elbow has earned critical and popular acclaim at home in Britain for their first five studio albums. Now in 2014, Guy Garvey (lead vocals, guitars), Richard Jupp (drums, percussion), Craig Potter (keyboards), Mark Potter (guitars and backing vocals) and Pete Turner (bass, backing vocals) have offered their fans their sixth full-length release.

Elbow - Words and Music - 2011

by Kara Manning
Elbow is one of the most acclaimed rock bands in the UK, but the success was long-awaited and hard-earned. Back with their fifth album, 'Build A Rocket Boys!', the band continues to work on winning over U.S. music fans, and stopped by FUV to talk with host Kara Manning and perform live. [9/25/11]