Liam Finn

Liam Finn - Words and Music - 2011

by Alisa Ali
His debut album showcased a one-man-band with innate songwriting gifts, but Liam Finn (yes, son of Neil) has moved on to new sounds (and the inclusion of a few other musicians) on his new album 'FOMO.' Learn more about the songs and the title in Liam's recent visit with FUV's Alisa Ali. [7/12/11]

Liam Finn - Words and Music - 2008

by Claudia Marshall
The Finn family is rich in musical talent courtesy of brothers Neil and Tim, but the next generation is now in the spotlight thanks to Liam Finn. He's just released a solo debut called 'I'll Be Lightning,' and recently stopped by the 'FUV studios to talk music with Claudia Marshall and perform a few songs live.