Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne - Words and Music - 2009

by Rita Houston
Soulful songwriter Ray LaMontagne sounded wise and weary beyond his years on his debut album 'Trouble,' and while that's a constant in his core sound, he's made a few changes on his new album, 'Gossip in the Grain.' One song started as a ballad and now features a horn section, and Ray explained a few other sonic differences during an interview and solo performance in Studio-A with 'FUV's Rita Houston.

Ray LaMontagne - Words and Music - 2010

by Rita Houston
Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne has been an FUV staple since his 2004 debut, 'Trouble,' and as he releases his fourth album, 'God Willin' and The Creek Don't Rise,' he's added a band of top flight musicians, The Pariah Dogs. He also recorded the album in his own 1811 Western Massachusetts farmhouse, which he talked about with host Rita Houston during a recent interview. [7/29/10]