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The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo - FUV Live - 2013

by Eric Holland

The latest release from Jake Smith a.k.a. The White Buffalo is called Shadows, Greys And Evil Ways. This concept album focuses on a main character named Joseph White who struggles with love, war and the search for redemption. I recently sat down with Jake to talk about the new record and he indulged us with a couple of live performances in Studio A.

The White Buffalo - Words and Music - 2012

by Russ Borris

The White Buffalo stopped by to chat and play a few songs from his latest album, Once Upon a Time in the West, and his voice sounded as big as ever. When I first heard the music of The White Buffalo, it seemed that he was as elusive as his moniker. There wasn't a lot of info on Jake Smith or his music, but over the last year or so, his story has grown. While there may be some challenges as a grass roots artist, Jake sees them as more of a positive. It's clear, too, that his music and storytelling are evolving. Many characters make their way into these songs. Check out the down-on-his-luck widower in "The Bowery."

The White Buffalo - Words and Music - 2010

by Russ Borris
When Jake Smith decided he was going to start making music, he thought he might need a name with a little more sticking power, and so he called himself, 'The White Buffalo.' If you listen to his debut album, 'Hogtied Revisited,' you might call him something else, 'good.' The White Buffalo stopped by FUV's Studio-A and spoke to Russ Borris about the ways he's tried to create a grassroots movement for his music. (11/12/09)