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Words and Music from Studio-A

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A Camp - Words and Music - 2009

There are 2 Swedes in the band, but A Camp is very much influenced by classic American pop sounds. A bit of history works its way into the lyrics too, and the voice doing the singing is a familiar one: Nina Persson of The Cardigans. The trio's new album is called 'Colonia' and it brought the band to 'FUV for an interview with host Rita Houston. [5/19/09]

A Seeger Celebration - Sunday Breakfast - 2014

Pete Seeger, who died on January on January 27, 2014, would have turned 95 on May 3rd. The following day, the Sunday Breakfast aired "A Seeger Celebration," an updating of the 90-minute special I produced for Pete's 90th birthday. It's a tribute to Pete's life and music, with commentary from many of his admirers, such as Joan Baez, Roger McGuinn, Judy Collins, Peter Yarrow, Noel Stookey, Nanci Griffith, and Tom Paxton, as well as highlights of several interviews I did with Pete over the years.

Pete's impact as a musician and activist is incalculable. For more than seven decades he wrote or adapted songs which introduced us to concepts, cultures, and countries that became a little less foreign, and he taught us all how to sing along. He sowed seeds that will bear fruit for decades to come. He was a proud link in the chain and the personification of the folk process.

A.C. Newman - Words and Music - 2012

A.C. Newman deftly juggles his solo career with his band, The New Pornographers, but even he admits that his new album, Shut Down The Streets, might be the release that most successfully bridges both worlds. It's also his most personal album to date, and between live performances in Studio A, A.C. spoke with me about family, Woodstock, Neko Case and even honeybees.

[recorded: 09/26/12]

A.J. Croce - Sunday Breakfast - 2014

A. J. Croce was only 2 when his famous father died. While being the offspring of a music icon can be daunting (ask Adam Cohen or Jen Chapin), you can embrace your dad's legacy and still find your own identity. That's what A. J. has done. He came into Studio A to talk about his latest CD, "Twelve Tales" (12 songs recorded with 6 different producers) and perform 3 songs from the album, 2 on piano and 1 on guitar.

A3 - Words and Music - 2008

A3 is known as Alabama 3 over in the UK, and the band behind 'The Sopranos' theme in the US. 'Chemical country' is what they call their sound, and 3 of 9 members of the band recently spoke about more of their musical history - and a new 'hits' album - during a live session in Studio-A with Rita Houston.

Aaron Neville - Words and Music - 2013

Aaron Neville has lent his honeyed voice and lilting melodies to over 50 years of songs, and now he brings that special tone to a new album of doo-wop classics. Produced by Don Was and Keith Richards, it's called My True Story, and an audience of FUV members and I were lucky enough to have Aaron himself stop by Studio A for a live preview, with that one-and-only voice. The album is out next week, but we have another preview for you: Take a First Listen to every song on My True Story.

[recorded: 11/26/12]

More from the WFUV Archives:

Aaron Neville- Words and Music- 2011

Aaron Neville is a favorite son of New Orleans and one of its great voices. He continues his five-decade career with the Joe Henry-produced new album 'I Know I've Been Changed,' and during an interview with host Rita Houston in FUV's Studio A, Neville shared a few songs at our piano.

Abigail Washburn & Sparrow Quartet (featuring Bela Fleck) - Words and Music - 2008

Two banjos, a cello, a fiddle, and sounds from Chinese and American musical traditions all come together in the ensemble of Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet. It's also the latest project for banjo innovator Bela Fleck, and and the whole group recently performed songs from their self-titled debut during an interview with host John Platt in Studio-A.

Abigail Washburn- Words and Music- 2011

The sounds of banjo, Appalachia, pop, and Chinese music traditions all come together in the songs of Abigail Washburn and on her new album 'City of Refuge.' Hear more in Abigail's recent conversation with FUV's Rita Houston. [1/10/11]

Adam Cohen - Words and Music - 2012

You'd think that growing up as the son of Leonard Cohen would be artistically daunting, but if it has been for singer-songwriter Adam Cohen, he sure doesn't show it.

Back with his third solo album, Like A Man, Adam recently came by FUV to chat with host John Platt and to give us a musical taste of why going into the family business can be a great move—if you're made of the right stuff.  [recorded: 04/03/12]

Adam Green - Words and Music - 2008

Adam Green takes another step away from the lo-fi sounds of his former band The Moldy Peaches with the solo album 'Sixes & Sevens,' and shared a few of the 20 new songs during an interview with WFUV's Ben Jones.

Adam Levy - Words and Music - 2012

Talented session guitarist Adam Levy returns to Studio A -- this time as the featured artist -- for a visit with FUV's Claudia Marshall, and a performance of songs from his new album, The Heart Collector. [recorded: 01/25/12]

Adam Schlesinger - Words and Music - 2008

Alongside Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, and movie work, Adam Schlesinger entered new territory a few years ago by co-writing the score for the musical 'Cry Baby.' Now he's up for a Tony Award, and spoke about the whole Broadway experience with Claudia Marshall.

Adele- Words and Music- 2008

Adele went to the same high school as Amy Winehouse, but she's forging her own way on the retro R&B path. Her first full-length album - '19' - has now made its way from the UK to the US, and Adele recently talked with Rita Houston about venturing into singing and songwriting. [6/9/08]

Adele- Words and Music- 2011

She won the "Best New Artist" Grammy thanks to her hit debut, '19', and now she's back with '21' - an album that more than proves Adele has the voice and the songwriting chops to back her continued success. Hear more about Adele's latest batch of songs, in this conversation with FUV's Rita Houston. [1/31/11]

Ages and Ages - FUV Live - 2014

Led by frontman Tim Perry, this Portland, Oregon collective released its second album, Divisionary, this year. Harmonies and percussion are just part of the band’s uplifting sound and live is where it thrives. So we recently brought them in to Studio A to perform some of their music and to talk about the new record during this episode of FUV Live.

[recorded: 03/31/14]

More from the FUV Vault:

Aimee Mann - Live Concert - 2012

I don't know why Aimee Mann has a reputation of being prickly or cold. But everybody I told about my session says, "good luck," as though she might take off my head. On the contrary, I've found Aimee Mann quite warm in multiple meetings and interviews. She is funny, available and, no surprise here—very bright. A great conversationalist, in fact.

Today, she is exhausted, though. She's just recorded two videos and several "promotional" versions of her songs and is about to launch into a slew of interviews ... all BEFORE doing a show for an FUV audience at Electric Lady Studios. It's all making her a little anxious about delivering on all she's promised today, but Aimee is still in good humor and cheerfully launches into a spirited chat about her new record, Charmers. Her mood darkens briefly when we touch on the trouble the music biz is in, but her attitude towards those who steal music is "live and let live."

As for the new CD, it leans hard on her pop influences from the 70's, but those influences translate into something entirely fresh: broad musical gestures and (of course) her signature hooks. One highlight: a duet with James Mercer of the Shins.

Listen below for my conversation with Aimee, as well as trio performances of new and longtime favorites from her catalog.

[recorded: 06/27/12]

More from the WFUV Archives:

Aimee Mann - Words and Music - 2006

Aimee Mann's songs aren't often associated with merriment and cheer, but things have changed this time around. 'One More Drifter in the Snow' is her first collection of Christmas music, and in-between live performances with her band, Aimee talked with Rita Houston about her own holiday traditions.

Aimee Mann - Words and Music - 2008

With Aimee Mann's new album '@#%&*! Smilers,' humor and melancholy continue to find common ground in her songs. A few new sounds work their way in as well, and earlier this year Aimee stopped by Studio-A to talk with Claudia Marshall about letting the songs -- and a few bitter people -- set the direction of the album.

AIR - Words and Music - 2012

Head to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for some music, film and AIR. It's a conversation between FUV's Rita Houston and the French duo AIR, discussing their score for the George Melies film, Le Voyage Dans La Lune. [recorded: 01/17/12]

Al Kooper - Words and Music - 2006

As a producer, session musician, and songwriter, Al Kooper has one of the more storied careers in rock 'n roll. In 2005, he also had a new solo album called 'Black Coffee,' and Dennis Elsas had the chance to talk with Kooper about projects past and present.

Alan Light - Words and Music - 2006

As tastemakers and innovators, The Beastie Boys have been criticized as much as celebrated. Tonight, Julianne Welby talks with writer Alan Light about his new book, 'The Skills To Pay The Bills: The Story of The Beastie Boys.'

Alan Semerdjian and The Looking - Sunday Breakfast - 2013

Two of New York's finest talents visited the Sunday Breakfast for a session together in Studio A. Alan Semerdjian is a singer-songwriter-poet-teacher whose new album, Quiet Songs for Loud Times, addresses big themes like aging and mortality in a beautiful way. The Looking is the persona of Todd Carter, a onetime divinity student who uses his classically-trained voice to deliver both original songs and creatively reimagined covers.

Alberta Cross - Wirds and Music - 2010

Alberta Cross formed in London's East End, between a group of Swedish and English musicians with a penchant for American blues and country rock music. After some time on high profile tours, their debut album, 'Broken Side of Time,' has come out, and it brought them into studio-A to chat with FUV's Darren Devivo. (4/8/10)

Alejandro Escovedo - Words and Music - 2007

Billboard Magazine called Alejandro Escovedo's CD 'The Boxing Mirror' -- 'a masterwork from one of the genuine lights in rock music' -- and praise for this Texas-based songwriter just goes on from there. Hear why as Alejandro and his string quintet perform in Studio-A during a conversation with Claudia Marshall.

Alejandro Escovedo - Words and Music - 2008

There's a whole lot of energy in Alejandro Escovedo's forthcoming new album 'Real Animal' and part of it comes from exploring his wide-ranging musical past: anything from punk to poetry. Working with a co-writer helped tell the tales, and Rita Houston got more of the story when Alejandro performed acoustic versions of the songs in a sneak preview in Studio-A.

Alejandro Escovedo - Words and Music - 2012

Roots rock icon Alejandro Escovedo has long inspired us with his ability to blend genres into an Americana that everyone can relate to. His new album, Big Station, just came out, and it pulls on some pretty interesting influences -- all with a true rock 'n' roll spirit. Ahead of his NYC album release show and his appearance at Clearwater, he brought his band by Studio A to talk about the new songs and perform a few of them for a lucky audience of FUV members.

[recorded: 06/05/12]

Alela Diane - Words & Music - 2011

Alela Diane made a name for herself as a folksinger over the last 8 years, but now she's branched out with a new set of pop songs on the album 'Alela Diane and Wild Divine.' So, yes, there's now a band involved, and during a stop in Studio A, Alela told FUV's Alisa Ali about working with Wild Divine, and producer Scott Litt. [03/08/2011]

Alex Halberstadt - Words and Music - 2007

Doc Pomus started as an aspiring blues singer and ended up in the Rock and Roll and Songwriters halls of fame, having written hits for artists like Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. 'Lonely Avenue: The Unlikely Life and Times of Doc Pomus' explores the late songwriter's life from beginning to end, and tonight author Alex Halberstadt talks with Claudia Marshall about the man and his musical influence.

Alexi Murdoch - Words & Music - 2011

A four-song EP in 2002 earned Alexi Murdoch incredible attention for a relatively unknown, independent artist. Now he's released a second full-length album, 'Towards The Sun,' and fascination with the gently intense sound of this Scottish songwriter continues to grow. Hear more as Alexi talks with host Alisa Ali in FUV's Studio A. [03/28/2011]

Allen Stone - Words and Music - 2012

R&B newcomer Allen Stone may describe himself as a "hippie with soul", but this son of a small town preacher man from the Northwest, didn't take long to discover that the gospel was deep inside him—and that soul music is colorblind. With his voice and intense live performances, Stone has been wowing folks all over the country, and on his current non-stop tour, he brought his band by FUV to perform a few songs from his self-titled album.

[recorded: 07/27/12]

Allen Toussaint - Words and Music - 2009

As a songwriter, producer, arranger and more, Allen Toussaint's made his mark on music since the 60s, but his new album 'The Bright Mississippi' returns the spotlight to Allen the artist. At the piano, he leads an all-star band of musicians through some New Orleans jazz classics, and he performed a few of them during an interview with Rita Houston in 'FUV's Studio-A.

Allison Moorer - Words and Music - 2010

Allison Moorer is Shelby Lynne's younger-sister, Steve Earle's wife, and one very talented singer. The formerly Nashville-based songstress' eighth-studio release is called, 'Crows,' and she told FUV's Claudia Marshall during a recent session that if the album seems a little dark it's not because she just became a New Yorker.

ALO - Words and Music - 2007

Loved in and out of jam band circles, ALO (a.k.a. Animal Liberation Orchestra) keeps the free-form vibe flowing, but made tight songwriting a priority on its new album 'Roses & Clover.' Find out how that worked and sounded as ALO chats and performs live in Studio-A, joined by host Claudia Marshall.

ALO - Words and Music - 2010

ALO or Animal Liberation Orchestra's new album is called 'Man of the World,' which could also refer to their music--as many of them have academic backgrounds in Latin and Middle Eastern music. They played some tunes, and talked about Jack Johnson and their part-time 'jam band' label with WFUV's Claudia Marshall. (5/20/10)

ALO - Words and Music - 2012

Whether you call them Animal Liberation Orchestra or just ALO, this quartet is way beyond names. Having played together for well over 20 years, ALO has turned a jam band adventure into a lifelong course of discovering new musical paths—through improv and good old rocking out. Back with the new album, Sounds Like This, the band let us know what "this" sounds like live, in Studio A.

The guys are also so friendly and fun to hang out with, that the conversation took a few different paths too: their stance on animals (figuratively and literally), thoughts on how long a song should be, advice from James Brown, Gen X versus Baby Boomers, how musical arrangements change the mood of songs, the band's early setlists, and... The J. Geils Band.

[recorded: 05/08/12]

AlunaGeorge - FUV Live - 2013

Aluna Francis and George Reid, the duo that make up the British band AlunaGeorge, released their full length debut, Body Music, earlier this year. The band stopped by Studio A to perform some of their new songs and talk about their creative process with host Alisa Ali.

[recorded: 9/5/13]

AM - Words and Music - 2010

AM's music is everywhere from movie and TV soundtracks to Starbucks coffee shops. For the follow up to his his debut 'Troubled Times,' he put together a full band and just released, 'Future Sons and Daughters.' He stopped by FUV and told Claudia Marshall how obscure Turkish psychedelia influenced his sound. (3/19/10)

Among the Oak and Ash - Words and Music - 2009

A plan to give traditional folk songs a new voice led songwriter Josh Joplin to phone pal Garrison Starr and ask her to help him out with the project. Now they call themselves 'Among The Oak & Ash,' they've just released a self-titled album, and the duo stopped by 'FUV's Studio-A to share a few of the songs in an interview with host Claudia Marshall. [6/23/09]

Amos Lee - FUV Live at Hill Country Live - 2013

Amos Lee headed to Nashville to make his new album Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song, and the night before its release, he came to Hill Country Live to perform an FUV Live show for us. The full-band set featured most of the new tunes plus a couple of bonus songs, and the stories behind them ranged from amusing to poignant — especially when Amos explained the inspiration Levon Helm provided for the title track and life in general.

[recorded: 10/07/13]

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Amos Lee - Words and Music - 2006

Combining soul, songwriting, and the voice to match, Amos Lee's 2005 debut album was voted one of the best of the year by WFUV listeners. With a new CD, 'Supply and Demand,' Amos proves that there are more great songs to come, and he recently stopped by Studio-A to talk with Russ Borris about the project.

Amos Lee - Words and Music - 2008

Five years ago, Amos Lee was a teacher. Now he has three albums under his belt and the experience of sharing stages with big names like Norah Jones and Bob Dylan. His soulful voice is part of the attraction but he also has a gift for writing both topical songs and heartbreakers. 'Last Days at the Lodge' showcases his range with some new sounds, and Amos recently performed some acoustic versions during an interview with host Rita Houston in Studio-A.

Amos Lee- Words and Music- 2010

Amos Lee's fourth album Mission Bell has him working with Calexico's Joey Burns as producer, and taking his Philly sound southwest. Host Rita Houston recently welcomed Amos for a solo visit to FUV, where played a few of the songs from the album live in our Studio A. [12/2/10]

Amy Cook - Words and Music - 2011

Austin-based songwriter Amy Cook is putting the finishing touches on her new album, and when she stopped by FUV to update host Rita Houston on the process, she brought her friend (and fellow songwriter) David Garza along as well. [recorded: 11/15/11]

Amy Cook - Words and Music - 2012

Amy Cook wasn't born in Texas, but she's an Austin gal through and through. Her soulful brand of roots-rock mixes in her love of the Laurel Canyon vibe, and it's earned her some musical comrades in Alejandro Escovedo, Patty Griffin and Lucinda Williams. The release of her new album Summer Skin (and a few New York City shows with Lucinda), recently brought Cook back to FUV for some performances with special guest David Garza.

[recorded: 08/10/12]

More from the WFUV Archives:

Amy Correia - Words and Music - 2010

It's been six years since Amy Correia released, 'Lakeville,' and it's been almost twenty years since she got her start as a singer-songwriter playing alongside Jesse Harris, Jeff Buckley, and Richard Julian in NYC. Her new album, 'You Go Your Way,' is entirely fan funded, and she dropped by WFUV to play some new tunes while talking with Darren DeVivo about her fans' support.

Amy LaVere - Words and Music - 2009

Genres from punk to classic country find a place in Amy LaVere's sound, and they're all linked together by her voice and her instrument of choice -- the upright bass. Her latest album is called 'Anchors & Anvils,' and Amy brought her band to 'FUV to share a few live songs during an interview with host Rita Houston.