Listener Supported Public Media from Fordham University

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Listen Live: Link Choices

Listen with iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.
For phones see: Mobile Streaming

Listen with the WFUV Media Player


The full-time simulcast of WFUV 90.7 FM radio

Windows Media 32K
MP3 56K
AAC+ 64K
MP3 128K
FUV Music 24/7

FUV's weekday music mix, 7 days a week

Windows Media 32K
MP3 56K
MP3 128K
AAC+ 64K
The Alternate Side

Indie and emerging artists from New York and beyond

Windows Media 32K
MP3 56K
MP3 128K
AAC+ 64K


Streaming Players for PCs and Macs

Windows Media
Use Windows Media Player
Intel Macs: Flip4Mac

Use iTunes,WinAmp,
Real, QuickTime

AAC Plus
Use iTunes, WinAmp or
VLC Media Player

Tunes Radio Tuner

You can listen to our streams directly through iTunes, if you'd like.

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Click on the small Radio icon near the upper left corner.
  3. Open the 'Eclectic' category of streams.
  4. We're listed as WFUV On-Air, FUV Music and The Alternate Side.
  5. Once you connect this way, we'll be listed in your Music list for future occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't connect. What's wrong?
Most trouble is due to an interruption between your computers and ours. Please try several times before emailing us. If it doesn't work after a day or two, upgrade or reinstall your player and try again. That fixes the vast majority of problems.

There are a lot of skips in the sound, it says "buffering," it stops playing.
Either you do not have a fast enough Internet connection to reliably listen to audio online, or there is network congestion going on. "Buffering" means that a few seconds are saved 'ahead' for you, so that tiny interruptions in service won't make you lose the sound, it gets taken out of that buffer instead. When that runs out, you hear skips. Try again when the network is less congested, or upgrade your Internet connection speed.

I'm just seeing a bunch of text, it doesn't launch the player.
Clear out your browser history/browser cache - Look under Tools -> Internet 'Options' -> Clear Temporary Internet Files or Private Data/Cache.

What's an MP3?
Some MP3 files are downloadable, sharable, saveable - not ours. This is a STREAMING MP3, for connecting to and listening, not saving.
Is it legal?
Yes - it's just a file format, which can be used legally or illegally. Music ownership is governed by copyright law, to protect the intellectual property of the creators (musicians). We have agreements with publishing companies and the record industry that allow us to stream (NOT offer for download) the music we play, under certain conditions.

What's AAC Plus?
It's an Internet audio format that provides CD-quality Web streaming using much less bandwidth - AAC Plus delivers better-than-CD-quality stereo at 64 kbps.

Can I save the stream to listen to later?
No, Windows Media Player won't save the songs for you. We have the legal right to stream our live broadcast as it happens, but not to provide songs or shows for people to download. However, you can save WFUV as a 'favorite' and come back to listen to the live stream later. To add a shortcut to your list of favorites, under the Favorites menu, select Add Favorite.

Got a Squeezebox, or some other MP3 player where you need to enter a URL?

  • WFUV On-Air:
  • FUV Music:
  • The Alternate Side: