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'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Land of Confusion

by Alisa Ali

OK, first of all... This is a great song (and album - "Invisible Touch") & perhaps this is a controversial statement to make, but I do prefer Genesis with Phil Collins. This may be because because of my age. Also, Phil Collins was an amazing drummer. But let's just move on to the fact that this is also a great video. Yes, it was played non-stop on MTV, but I never got sick of it. You can't help but be transfixed by those weird puppets. Also, there are guest appearances (in puppet form) by everyone from Spock to Michael Jackson & of course the main character, President Ronald Reagan. The video does not paint him in the kindest light though. The first scene is of Reagan going to bed at like 4pm & ends with him accidentally launching a nuclear bomb. Anyway, please enjoy and know that there is lots more to come. Feel free to leave your comments about the video/song/album/band etc. Thanks and we hope to see you on our '80s Flashback FUV Boat!

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