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From the FUV Vault: Chilly Gonzales

by Alisa Ali

For words and music this month, we're dipping into the FUV Vault to revisit some of our favorite sessions. My pick is our Chilly Gonzales session from last September. This was one of the most enjoyable interviews I've ever done here at FUV. As you'll hear in this session, Chilly Gonzales is a smart, confident and opinionated conversationalist. We talked about all kinds of music: Pop, Jazz, Rap, Classical and of course his latest album, Solo Piano II. 

Chilly Gonzales also has a reputation for being experimental and spontaneous with his music. In 2009, without a predetermined setlist, he broke the Guinness World Record for longest piano performance, tickling the ivories in a Paris concert that lasted over 27 hours!  

Knowing this about him, I sprung a little musical challenge on him during the interview. He didn't hesitate for a moment before agreeing to do it...and did a fantastic job.

We'll air this session tonight at 9 on WFUV, but you can listen to it anytime by dipping into the FUV Vault. And be sure to check out the videos too!