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New Music Monday's Eclectic Mix

by John Stein

New Music Monday is a collection of the best new releases in music each week. We share them with you every Monday, every hour on WFUV.

Bobby Womack- The Bravest Man In The Universe

This man is a hugely interesting character because of legendary status as a R&B/Soul singer and his widely publicized, sordid past. As if that weren’t enough he is paired up with forward-thinking producers Damon Albarn (of Blur, Gorillaz) and Richard Russell (Gil Scot-Heron, XL Records), on Womack's album in over ten years.

Beachwood Sparks- The Tarnished Gold

Ten years after their second album, Beachwood Sparks returns with this new record. While their sound is not radically different, it certainly seems to fit in the current musical climate of throwbacks and harmonies we see growing with bands such as Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver.

Jimmy Fallon- Blow Your Pants Off

What really needs to be said about this SNL cast member turned late night show host? Any fan of Fallon’s will enjoy his hilarious new comedy album “featuring” musical greats such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

Everest- Ownerless

Los Angeles rockers Everest aim for greatness with this new album from ATO Records. These anthemic songs are catchy and well constructed, irony free fist pumping awaits you with your listen.