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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Question of the Day: What's Your Question of the Day?


The WFUV Question of the Day is, "What's Your Question of the Day?" Every weekday morning we toss out a topic or question and ask you to respond with a song to play on WFUV. This morning we want your idea for a Question of the Day and an example of a song to go along with it. We'll pick four ideas and songs to play after 9am. Then we may also use your idea for an actual Question of the Day at a later date.

Here's what we played: 

"Frank and Ava" - Suzanne Vega (Interesting first lines)

"When I Write the Book" - Rockpile (Books)

"Why Does it Always Rain On Me?" - Travis (Questions)

"For a Dancer" - Jackson Browne (Funeral songs)