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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

The Stones Sing The Beatles


The song is "I Wanna Be Your Man" and the Stones performed it in concert for the first time since 1964 at their London shows last week. We're not sure yet if they'll play it Saturday night in Brooklyn or next week in Newark, but I recently confirmed how the original recording came about.

I spoke with Andrew Loog Oldham, the Stones first manager, producer, and the man who is generally credited with creating their “bad boy” image.
Andrew came to the WFUV studios in October to talk with me about a legendary unfinished Stones film "Charlie is My Darling" that has now been completed and restored with great concert sound.  The film follows the Rolling Stones on tour in Ireland in 1965 just after “Satisfaction” had become their first #1 worldwide hit.  We get to view the Stones backstage and on-stage with some amazing footage I had never seen before.  It’s now out on DVD and Blu-ray in beautifully packaged assorted box sets.  
As part of the informal backstage rehearsal scenes, Mick and Keith sing bits of assorted Beatles' songs along with working on new songs they’ve recently written. I had always wondered how and why the Stones had come to record and release Lennon and McCartney’s “I Wanna Be Your Man” as their second single. I asked Andrew about his reported chance meeting with John and Paul in London’s Leicester Square and he filled me in on the details.  You can hear that today during my Beatles Fab Foursome just after 4PM and anytime here.