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TAS on FUV for Monday April 29th

by Russ Borris

Something special this way comes...tonight at 10 on The Alternate Side!

Let's face it.  Monday is nobody's favorite day of the week.  So how do you cope?  Do you walk around in a fog all day until work is over?  Spend hours on Words With Friends?  Pretend it's really Friday?

There's a better way and it's coming to WFUV.  Every Monday night, our usual Shuffle set will feature the one and only Moz!  That's right, it's Monday Morrissey!  Catch the set plus new music from Guided By Voices, Depeche Mode, Major Lazer, Deerhunter and more.

Curing the Mondays, one Monday Morrissey set at a time.

See you at 10!