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An inside look at the people, places and spirit of New York City and its surroundings, with host George Bodarky, Sundays at 6:30am.
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Cityscape: From Drug Kingpin to Fitness Entrepreneur

One New York City resident's story of reinvention.

New York City resident Coss Marte went from being a drug kingpin to a fitness entrepreneur. While serving time in prison he lost 70 pounds thanks to an exercise routine he worked up in his cell. Marte is now out from behind bars and operating a fitness bootcamp in Manhattan based on his prison workout routine. 

Cityscape: The Knish

We're taking a big bite into the knish.

In New York City everything is at your finger tips. With so many options for food, music, and culture, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But instead of taking the classic New Yorker approach by kvetching, this week, we’re settling down to dig into a classic Yiddish tradition: the knish. 

Cityscape: Remembering the Garment District's Heyday

A Garment District veteran draws on his experiences for short stories.

Once upon a time New York’s garment district employed hundreds of thousands of workers, and produced most of the clothing made in the United States.  But, thanks to outsourcing and technological advances, the district is now just a shadow of what it once was.

Cityscape: A New York City Bucket List for the New Year

Cityscape is ringing in the New Year

The ball just dropped in Times Square, and you know what that means.  It’s time to make and stick to a new round of New Year’s resolutions. A lot of people promise themselves that they’ll kick bad habits, like smoking, or perhaps spend more time at the gym.  But, what about resolving to explore places you haven’t been before?

Cityscape: Outdoor and Underground "Art Galleries" in NYC

We're exploring art scenes that live on the streets and subways of NYC.

New York City is home to famous art collections like the ones at the MET and MoMA. But there’s something to be said about art that blends into the world around us. Here in New York City, art can be found pretty much around every corner, and even down the steepest set of stairs.

Cityscape: The Wonderful World of Toys, Games and Dolls

We're talking with folks in the toy industry in NYC.

When it comes to toys a lot of focus at this time of year is placed on the North Pole, where Santa and his army of elves are busily preparing to deliver gifts to kids around the world.  But, a lot of people much closer to home are equally committed to brightening the lives of children and adults with toys and games.