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An inside look at the people, places and spirit of New York City and its surroundings, with host George Bodarky, Sundays at 6:30am.
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Cityscape: Digging into Pizza

Floppy slices are synonmous with New York City.

New York-style pizza tops “best of” lists across the web. A google search turns up images of mostly big, hearty cheese slices.  The kind of photos that make your mouth water.  Pizza has a long history in the Big Apple. In fact, Lombardi's in Manhattan is said to be the first pizzeria in America. 

Cityscape: From Drug Kingpin to Fitness Entrepreneur

One New York City resident's story of reinvention.

New York City resident Coss Marte went from being a drug kingpin to a fitness entrepreneur. While serving time in prison he lost 70 pounds thanks to an exercise routine he worked up in his cell. Marte is now out from behind bars and operating a fitness bootcamp in Manhattan based on his prison workout routine.