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Cityscape: Rock On!

We're exploring the wonderful world of rocks, rock climbing and rock-and-roll education in NYC.

If you think you have to go outside New York City’s “walls” to go rock climbing, think again. There are plenty of climbable boulders scattered across the concrete jungle.

Cityscape: Crazes

From the cronut to the Harlem Shake, we're looking at crazes.

If you were around during the disco era, you’re more than likely familiar with the dance craze the Hustle. Like most dance crazes, the simple moves and catchy tune helped it -- to use a modern phrase -- go viral.

Cityscape: Waxing Poetic

NYC has provided inspiration to countless poets through the years.

During the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, poet Walt Whitman declared it “the grandest physical habitat and surroundings of land and water the globe affords." His poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” is celebrated by poetry lovers every year in an event in which they cross the Brooklyn Bridge reading poems about the bridge and city. 

Cityscape: Typewriters, Atari, and 1800s X-rays

Older devices still being used in today's digital age.

Does the clack clack sound of typewriter keys make you nostalgic? How about the crackle of vinyl spinning on a record player? You may consider typewriters and record players relics of the past but there are plenty of people keeping them alive and well. In this episode of Cityscape we talk with people still using machines from decades past.