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'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Take On Me

Alisa Ali remembers A-Ha's 'Take On Me' in today's '80s FUV Boat Flashback

This might be a case where the music video eclipses the actual song. I remember watching this video in the '80s and thinking, "Man this. Is. Brilliant!" & you know what, I do still really enjoy this video. I used to think the ending was really romantic too. But I just laughed out loud (LOL) at how the lead singer Morten Harket (I just looked his name up. Did not ring a bell. I never knew that guy's name) throws himself against the walls in anguish as he tries to break through to the reality where his love interest is waiting for him.

I still think the bad guy with the wrench is cool though. So by extension of the video, the song is still cool with me too. I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure. But I don't really think you should feel guilty about any music you like. I mean the song is not still in heavy rotation on my stereo, but when it comes on every once in a while, I'm pretty happy about it. (Ok you got me, it's still in heavy rotation!) Come on the '80s FUV Boat. Maybe I'll play your A-Ha equivalent.

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