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AARP Survey Reports Workplace Age Discrimination in New York City

AARP Survey Reports Workplace Age Discrimination in New York City
New York’s baby boomers are experiencing workplace discrimination, according to a new poll from AARP.

A poll released Monday from AARP reported a staggering amount of New Yorkers over the age of 50 have experienced some form of age discrimination in the workplace.

The survey questioned roughly 1,500 people from across the five boroughs, and about 25 percent of workers said they've experienced age discrimination. This includes not getting hired for a job, being passed over for a raise or promotion, getting laid off or fired, being encouraged or forced into early retirement, and receiving unsolicited comments about their age.

AARP also found when workers over the age of 55 lose their jobs, it takes them an average of four months longer than their younger counterparts to find a new one. 

In light of the poll, AARP hopes to see the issue of age discrimination emerge in the upcoming mayoral elections. According to the association, their members typically account for half of all votes cast in the New York City general elections, and 75 percent of people surveyed said they're likely to vote for the candidate who will work to ensure workplace opportunities for New Yorkers as they age.

David Irwin is the director of communications for AARP. He said this gives the 50-plus age group a lot of power.

“We've got to remember this, you know the 50-plus voter,” Irwin said, “is the group that's going to likely determine who the next mayor of New York City is.”

 The ARRP has been holding debates, voter engagement efforts, and grassroots activities to raise awareness of age discrimination among voters and candidates.