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After Sandy, Winter Storm Brings Long Lines to NYC Grocery Stores

After Sandy, Winter Storm Brings Long Lines to NYC Grocery Stores
New Yorkers are stocking up on groceries for the weekend.

Patience is the word for many people headed to the grocery store before the worst of the storm hits.  The lines at some registers were about 10-shopping carts deep. Gueysla Valoy was stocking up for the storm.  Her cart was filled to the brim with stuff like milk, bread, and cheese.  Valoy said the store is never this crowded.

"It's crazy, you see it!" said Valoy, "I've been here on line for like an hour already."

Several carts behind Valoy was Lorenia Castillo.  She has two kids, a husband, and a mom at home.  Castillo thinks Superstorm Sandy was a game changer for a lot of New Yorkers.

"People just want to get a little more prepared. I don't think people took Sandy that seriously," said Castillo, "but now, whenever they hear a storm is going to come, I think people are going to really get ready for it."

But, Castillo said her young daughter is less concerned about stocking up on groceries, and more concerned about playing in the snow.

"She wanted to go outside now," said Castillo, with a laugh, "I said 'no...this is not the time.'"

Heavy snow and strong winds are expected to continue into Saturday.  National Weather Service recommends people stay indoors.

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