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Another Push for Marriage Equality in New Jersey

Another Push for Marriage Equality in New Jersey
New Jersey civil and gay rights groups launch campaign to override Governor Christie's veto of same sex marriage bill.
Civil and gay rights organizations in New Jersey are again pushing for marriage equality in the state. They're calling for an override of Governor Christie's veto of a bill recognizing gay marriage from last year. 
The groups launched the so-called "New Jersey United for Marriage" campaign Wednesday. Troy Stevenson is the Executive Director of Garden State Equality, one of the organizations spear-heading the effort. He said same sex couples should have the right to marry. 
"We're talking about fundamental right to access to the person you love, and that is important to everybody in every state; but, here in New Jersey I think it's very important because we're surrounded by states where people do have that right and it's denied to couples here."
Stevenson said organizers will be knocking on doors and reaching out to legislators throughout the next few weeks. 
He also noted outreach to businesses is crucial. "They're competing for top talent and that talent is going to places like New York and Delaware and Maryland where they have the dignity and the freedom to marry. They have full benefits, full rights, and just truly the dignity of being considered an equal part of society."
The group needs an additional 3 Senators and 12 Assembly members to override Governor Christie's veto.