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Art exhibit expressly for canine critics debuts in NYC

These two look like some harsh critics
Photo Courtesy: Pexels


The dog days of summer have arrived in New York City.

A three-day art exhibition curated expressly for dogs is attracting hundreds of canines to a lower Manhattan marina.

You won't find any pictures of dogs playing poker at this show, which runs through Sunday.

The idea is the brainchild of art critic Jessica Dawson. She says she was inspired by her rescue dog Rocky, a tiny morkie (Yorkshire terrier and Maltese). She says Rocky regularly accompanies her to exhibits of the human variety and sometimes enjoys the shows more than she does.

The 10 works are strategically placed at canine eye-level. At one exhibit, four-legged critics were allowed to lift a hind leg as if expressing their opinions on a work called "Fountain."

Organizers predict about 500 visitors daily.