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Back When $1,000,000 Was a LOT of Money


Among the eight birthdays being observed tonight is Johnny Marvin's. Marvin was born in Butler, Oklahoma (some sources say on a wagon train!) on July 11, 1897. He sang and played the uke. Marvin made his first record in 1924, and was featured in Broadway's "Honeymoon Lane," along with Kate Smith, two years later. He recorded under his own name on Okeh, Edison, Columbia and Victor, and as "Honey Duke" on Harmony. His last were in 1940, and he died four years later from a fever picked up on a USO Tour of the South Pacific. Give a listen to Johnny Marvin with Charlie Fry's Million Dollar Pier Orchestra, "My Wife's in Europe Today." It's a 1927 recording that echoes a big hit of 1909, "My Wife's Gone to the Country (Hurrah! Hurrah!)."