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Blaenavon: 2017

Blaenavon at WFUV

Blaenavon at WFUV (photo by Sabrina Sitton)


Back in 2013, three musically crafty teenagers from Hampshire, England released their first single as Blaenavon, called “Into the Night.” They eventually released a strong debut EP later that year, called Koso.

Thanks to impressive songs like “Prague,” Blaenavon received plenty of buzz from the UK press for their brooding and smart alternative pop. But rather than quickly recording a debut album, the three friends — Ben Gregory, Frank Wright and Harris McMillan — focused on school exams, playing live shows, and refining their sound.

Taking their time paid off — Blaenavon’s debut album, called That’s Your Lot, will be released on April 7 and it’s a sophisticated debut. The record steps beyond the confines of guitar rock and mines a canny emotional depth. The album was produced by Jim Abbiss, whose credits include work with Arctic Monkeys and Adele.

Ben, Frank and Harris of Blaenavon visited New York last autumn and when they stopped by FUV’s Studio A on a grey November day, they hadn’t yet decided on an album title. The three friends discussed the invaluable guidance of their UK label, Transgressive, their decision to take things slowly, and the music of their friends and peers in bands like Sundara Karma and The Big Moon.

[recorded: 11/1/16]