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Bonnaroo, Coming to You

Rita Houston lays out the whens and whys of her 10th trip to Bonnaroo.

Rita Houston lays out the whens and whys of her 10th trip to Bonnaroo.


I think we can all agree we've had enough of winter and we sure are ready for the start of the summertime music festival season. It's time to bust out the shorts, floppy hats and sunblock and get ready to run around and catch a pile of our favorite artists all in one place.

This weekend in New York it's the Clearwater festival, but for me and about 80,000 other folks willing to travel, it's time for Bonnaroo.

If camping in a field with thousands of music fans is not your idea of fun, no worries, we'll let you know what happens and you won't even need to get yourself to Tennessee.

For many of us it's an annual pilgrimage — this will be my tenth — coming back year after year to chase the buzz of feeling like you're among those lucky enough to experience unique and magical moments of artistry and community.

They must be doing something right down in Manchester, because the Bonnaroo fest is sold out again this year, and probably not just because it's the first time a Beatle will be on hand to add to the mix.

We'll be live from backstage once again this year to broadcast The Whole Wide World, Friday night from 7-10pm. Alisa Ali will cohost the show, and we'll share some exclusive live performances from Calexico, Glen Hansard, Of Monsters and Men and more.

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