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From Bonnaroo to Yoo

Bonnaroo 2012: Get the goods without the sunburn.

Sending music and love from the Tennessee sun -- Team FUV posted photos and tweets (when connectivity allowed) -- and of course did a live broadcast from Radio Bonnaroo, hopefully you caught that Friday night on The Whole Wide World with Rita Houston. The photos you can see anytime, below.

Rita Houston's report the next Friday night brought you more exclusive backstage interviews and performances, plus an inside view of the highlights, the lowlights, and what it's like to run around with a newly minted star and 80,000 people. We've got the access of the big kahunas without the nefarious backroom deals :) Follow @wfuv and/or @RitaHoustonWFUV on twitter for up-to-the-minute coverage of all our favorite festivals.