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Bronx Dives Into Its Fourth Polar Bear Plunge

Bronx Dives Into Its Fourth Polar Bear Plunge
One hundred people are expected to bear the cold and take the plunge into icy waters.

Some Bronx residents are diving into the fourth annual Bronx Polar Bear plunge tomorrow.

Even after the most recent snow storm, roughly 100 people are still expected to brave the cold and run into the frigid waters. The event will be held at Orchard Beach and will be synchronized with the Polar Bear Plunge at the Mediterranean Baltic Sea. The founder of the Bronx Polar Bears Michael Knobbe says the event is not just about overcoming fears of the icy water but also about bringing distant communities together. 

"Were bridging continents because we have friends in the Baltics who actually go in at the same time we go in, into the Baltic Sea. So there is a sort of inter-continental sharing and appreciation of the winter culture."

The National Weather Service says more snow is likely for tomorrow's plunge.