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Bronx Lawmakers Crack Down on Violent Nightlife

Bronx Lawmakers Crack Down on Violent Nightlife
Some Bronx officials and community leaders are calling for Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill that targets violence and crime in local clubs.

New York State Senator Jeff Klein gathered with Bronx community leaders outside of one Hunts Point club that has racked up hundreds of violations since it opened in 2009. The violations have ranged from littering to shootings.

Residents like Dr. Ian Amritt, local community board chair, says the alleged drug trafficking, prostitution and gun violence at some of these clubs pose a threat to the neighborhood's progress.  

“We need to protect the integrity of what we're trying to build,” Amritt said, “we were burned down, we rebuilt, and we’re trying to maintain a safe haven for our children to strive in.”

The new bill would make it easier for citizens and local law enforcement to inform state officials about violent clubs. This would give the State Liquor Authority greater ability to revoke or deny liquor licenses for clubs with frequent violations.

Tangee Lingar, president of the 43rd precinct community council, is one leader who hopes to see Governor Cuomo sign off on the bill. She said the violence has gone on long enough.

"When a community's quality of life becomes disrupted due to an establishment that runs a social club for entertainment, nightlife, and fun, they must be held accountable,” she said.