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Bronx Residents Help Missouri Tornado Victims


Bronx Councilman James Vacca is helping tornado victims of Joplin, Missouri

A truckload of baby supplies, children’s toys, bottled water, and other essential items are on their way to tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri.

The Vacca Volunteer Corps has been collecting supplies for the past two weeks at Mercy College in the Bronx.  Local Bronx Residents and companies including Hunt’s Point-based Baldor Foods, Manhattan Beer Distributers, and Penguin Books, donated goods for the relief effort.

“It has truly been an inspiration to see so many people come forth and offer to help people half way across the country,” Council Member Vacca said. “This has been a volunteer-led effort from start to finish, and it proves once again that all it takes is a little bit of will and dedication to make a big difference in other people’s lives.”

Wednesday's collection is the first of many in the Bronx to help Missouri tornado victims. Baldor Foods plans to coordinate another collection next month.