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Bronx School Awarded Landmark Status

Bronx School Awarded Landmark Status
A school in the Bronx receives National Landmark status

The Bronx Community College sits on top of the highest point in the borough.  The campus was designed in 1900 by renowned architect Stanford White.  The campus is rich in neoclassical architecture and five of its buildings now have landmark status.  BCC's President Carole Joseph advocated for the designation when she was appointed in 2011.  She said these sites deserve landmark designation.

"This is a big deal because these buildings are very old and very beautiful," said Joseph. "We want to preserve the architecture of that time."

One of the five newly named landmarks is Gould Memorial Library.  It features a high domed ceiling and marble pillars inspired by the Roman Pantheon. 

"This is a remarkable place and I think it's important for the students who go here to realize how important it is to the country and so they have the full benefit and recognition of the place where they're at," added Robin Auchincloss, the Director of Facilities Planning.

Auchincloss said the other sites awarded landmark status includes the 630 foot long outdoor Hall of Fame, which was the first hall of fame in the United States.  Other sites awarded statuses are two classroom buildings, Language Hall and Philosophy Hall. 

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