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Buck O'Neil Winner Reflects on Career in Baseball

Buck O'Neil Winner Reflects on Career in Baseball
Joe Garagiola talks on One on One before Hall of Fame Weekend

Joe Garagiola was a player in the major leagues for 8 seasons, and never imagined he would be honored by Baseball the Hall of Fame. The St. Louis native couldn’t even boast about being the best major league player on his street, living just blocks away from Yogi Berra. Garagiola’s biggest contributions to the sport came not from the field, but from the broadcast booth.

During a 58 year broadcasting career Garagiola worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Red Barber and Vin Scully. This year Garagiola was named the Buck O’Neil award winner for extraordinary effort to enhance the game of baseball. The award is named after the late Buck O’Neil and is given every three years since 2008. Before the Hall of Fame weekend Garagiola took some time to look back at his career on and off the field, and discussed what the award means to him. 

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