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Celebrating the 7 Train's 100th Birthday


Despite a power outage on many subway lines this morning, at least one train left its station on time- just as it did one hundred years ago. Today marked the 100th anniversary of the 7 train's first journey. Advocacy group AccessQueens and the New York City Transit Museum celebrated the train's maiden voyage by allowing commuters to ride their "Train of Many Colors." The special train was made up of ten antique subway cars. Some were from as far back as 1948. 

Jow Raskin is a transit historian. He says that the 7 line means more to some New Yorkers than just commuting.

"The impact it had on life in Queens is very profound," says Raskin. "Beyond just people getting to and from work, it also served the purpose of encouraging development along the entire northern part of Queens."

The Train of Many Colors departed Grand Central at 2pm, which was the same time it departed for the first time in 1917. Those who sayed onboard got a special treat, too: a 7 train-themed birthday cake.