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City Council Members Still Pushing for Reduced Fares

photo credit: Mr.TinDC (flickr)


City Council members aren't willing to let reduced fares for low-income New Yorkers slip through the cracks. 

Neither the MTA's new transit plan nor Mayor Bill de Blasio's 2019 budget include subsidized fares. 

City Council member Ritchie Torres of the Bronx says there are an estimated 800,000 working poor New Yorkers for whom transit expenses make up 10% of their income, "The Mayor has said that he's on a mission to create the fairest big city in America. I will tell you that we cannot, we have no hope of becoming, the fairest big city without a fairer system of public transit." 

Dozens of City Council members are advocating for fairer fares before the new fiscal year starts July 1st.