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A Coalition Formed to Oppose Spitzer's Campaign

A Coalition Formed to Oppose Spitzer's Campaign
Two "super PACS" begin anti- Spitzer campaign

Business leaders, women's groups and labor unions have joined together in an effort to persuade voters that Eliot Spitzer would be a poor choice for New York City comptroller.

The New York Times reports that the coalition plans to spend about $1.5 million on ads, direct mail and field work to get the word out. They are forming two "super PACS" that will allow them to accept contributions of any size.

The interest groups' campaign begins Tuesday with a radio ad encouraging Latino voters to support Spitzer's leading Democratic opponent Scott Stringer.

Spitzer has been leading Stringer in recent polls.

His spokesman Hari Sevugan said Spitzer wasn't surprised that "some of the same moneyed interests he challenged" were attempting to "prop up his opponent."

The primary is Sept. 10.