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Coney Island Residents Want More Than The Wonder Wheel

Coney Island Residents Want More Than The Wonder Wheel
Coney Island’s amusement park area is set to reopen this weekend. But, some residents and community groups won’t be celebrating.

Coney Island will have the Cyclone roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel up and running this weekend. But, some residents say the neighborhood needs more than amusements to recover from Superstorm Sandy.

They say the community library, a police precinct and a slew of senior centers and social-service agencies remain closed.

Todd Dobrin heads the Friends of the Boardwalk group. He says the community needs resources more than thrill rides.

“In Coney Island here we are more than just amusements. We’re actual people. We’re residents, we’re community members, we have children, we have schools, we have places of worship,” Dobrin said.   

Residents and community groups will protest on Sunday during the opening of Coney’s iconic amusement park area.

 “We want to make sure that the public knows this is a community. It’s not just a roller coaster and an amusement area,” Dobrin said.

Luna Park is also among the areas set to open Sunday.