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Damien Rice - FUV Live - 2014

Hear an FUV Live session with Damien Rice tonight at 9.



For us, eight years of virtual silence from Damien Rice feels like a long time, but according to Damien, it feels like he just woke up from a snooze. After hearing him describe his journey, one might even call it an awakening. Following the exhaustion caused by his last album and tour and painful breakup with singer Lisa Hannigan, Damien Rice discovered that he had had everything, and was miserable. The subsequent years of healing and soul searching proved to be powerful teachers, as Damien has returned, not only with his most magnificently lush and moving album yet, but also with a new approach to life. Our conversation goes deep, as he describes finding a new, exceptionally open and receptive approach to the challenges of daily life, and how, with the help of studio/spiritual guru, Rick Rubin, he opened the floodgates to these new songs. Lucky for us, it sounds as if My Favourite Faded Fantasy is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in the career of Damien Rice.

[recorded: 10/11/14]

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