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Darren DeVivo Checking In From The Land Of The Wounded Knee (AKA Home)!

He's fallen and he can't get up! Darren DeVivo checks in.

He's fallen and he can't get up! Darren DeVivo checks in.


Hello to all my WFUV friends. It has been awhile since we've hung together on the radio. While some of you may already be aware of what happened to me, I am sure most of you don't. It's been just about two weeks that I have been away from my Monday through Friday, 10AM to 2PM, time slot, as well as my weekend time, 6AM to 12noon, on our HD2 channel, "'FUV Music". I'd like to tell you where I've been. No, I haven't been trying out for an outfield position with the Mets. I haven't been stalking Paul McCartney. I haven't entered a witness protection program. I haven't joined a Steely Dan commune. I wasn't hit by a meteor.

Back on Wednesday morning, February 6, I most beautifully and gracefully took a tumble in my house. Yes, I missed a step and fell down some stairs at home. Upon landing, I created a tremor that was detected on the Richter scale and, unfortunately, triggered numerous tsunami warnings. Joking aside, the fall was significant, and after an ambulance ride to the emergency room, x-rays and an MRI, it was found that I had ruptured the quadriceps tendon in my right knee. Surgery was in order and it was performed last Thursday - Valentine's Day. Both before the surgery and after, I've been unable to use, let alone move, my right leg. I'm in a leg brace and can't do a thing without crutches or a walker. I have spent virtually every waking moment over the past weeks on my back. Yesterday, was the first day that I attempted to climb and descend the stairs in my house. Next Tuesday, February 26, I will meet with the orthopedist to see how things are progressing.

I want to thank those of you who have already reached out to me via email and my Facebook radio page - "Darren DeVivo On WFUV Radio". I really appreciate all the good wishes and get well soons that have been coming my way. I don't know when I'll be back, but I promise to get back to the WFUV airwaves as soon as I can.

So, that's my story. A blown out knee. Now I have something in common with Mets players - injuries.