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David Myles: 2016

David Myles and band with John Platt

David Myles and band with John Platt (photo by WFUV Staff)


It's not often that an artist shows up in Studio A in a suit and tie, but that's standard attire for David Myles. A personable guy from a small town in Nova Scotia, he was on track to follow his family tradition as a classical musician or perhaps a doctor, but fell in love with the guitar and began to write songs. To mollify his parents, he promised to always wear a coat and tie to work.

Inspired by Willie Nelson, David Byrne, and Duke Ellington, David draws on folk, roots, pop, jazz, and country, in addition to rock 'n' roll. Although he's earned critical praise and numerous award nominations in his native Canada, David is still building an audience in the U.S. He's released an album here, So Far, on which he's re-recorded some of his best songs. Accompanied by his trio (also stylishly dressed), he performed three of those songs and entertained us with his quick wit in this session.

[recorded: 8/24/16]