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Dear Mr. President...

Dear Mr. President...
New Yorkers and visitors "write letters" to President Obama

As President Barack Obama prepares to address the United Nations General Assembly, we've asked people around New York City what they'd like to tell the him. 


"Mr. President, please don't do anything stupid. You're dealing with the Middle East who don't like us much anyway. Just keep things as calm as you can and hopefully this will blow over until the next crisis." – Patricia Beninato and husband, Richmond, VA 





















"I'll tell him to be honest. Always be honest." –Nick Husley, Tennessee




















"What I'd like to see the president do is pass a bill for the living wage. That's what we need in this country, because it's very hard to live in New York City now." – Manuel Cruz, New York City




















"I'm not super politically active. I guess kind of I see the president’s role as that he's got a job to do and it's very difficult to do and I don't know much about it... He decided to threaten to go into Syria and a lot of people were like 'Oh my god, how could we be going into Syria?' And it kind of…ended up showing other nations around the world that it was not okay for Syria to be doing what they were allegedly doing. So, I thought that was cool. Dear Mr. President, so far good job." – Yuriy Pavlish, Brooklyn




















"Dear Mr. President, what's happening with the government closing down? That happens every year now. It's a little bit ridiculous." – Rochelle Grossman, Manhattan





















"Peace. That's it. Peace to the world, peace to the United States." – Masood Naizi, Pakistan





















President Obama addressed the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.