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On Deck: September 30th - HardballTalk's Craig Calcaterra Previews Playoffs, A-Rod Hearing

Everything from Game 163 to Joe Girardi's FA Status

Kenny Ducey was joined by Craig Calcaterra (@CraigCalcaterra) of NBC Sports' HardballTalk to discuss tonight's Game 163, his expectations for the playoffs and A-Rod's appeal hearing, plus the impact Dale Sveum's firing from the Cubs could have. Does this mean Joe Girardi could leave the Yankees?

Kenny's Picks

163:Rays over Rangers

WC: Indians over Rays, Pirates over Reds

Divisional: Red Sox over Indians, A's over Tigers, Pirates over Cardinals, Dodgers over Braves

Championship: A's over Red Sox in 6, Dodgers over Pirates in 5

World Series: Dodgers over A's in 6


Eric's Picks

163:Rays over Rangers

WC: Rays over Indians, Reds over Pirates

Divisional: Red Sox over Rays, Tigers over A's, Cardinals over Reds, Dodgers over Braves (Best Series of Postseason)

Championship: Red Sox over Tigers, Cardinals over Dodgers

World Series: Cardinals over Tigers


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