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Democratic Leaders Criticize Governor Christie's State Address

State assembly leaders say Governor Christie ignored other problems in annual speech

New Jersey Democratic lawmakers criticized Governor Chris Christie's State of the State speech, saying he failed to address a number of issues. 

The Governor's address on Tuesday mainly focused on rebuilding the state after being hit by Superstorm Sandy.  He again urged Congress to approve a $60 billion in storm aid for states impacted by Sandy.  

"We as a state have waited 72 days and one thing I hope everyone in America now clearly understands, New Jersey, both Republicans and Democrats, will never stand silent when our citizens are being shortchanged."

State Assembly leader applauded Christie's recovery efforts, but said his speech ignored a number of problems, including increasing crime rates and slow economic growth, and the state's looming $2 billion deficit. 

"Our unemployment rate continues to hover at 9.6% and is 2 point higher than the states that neighbor us in the region," said Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver. "We are ranking number 47th in the nation in economic growth."

In addition, the state's Assembly Majority leader Louis Greenwald said these are major concerns for residents. 

"New Jersey is the highest in the country of out-migration of residents, that is a number that should alarm us, that is that people have lost hope and are leaving the state of New Jersey to live and chase their dreams elsewhere," said Greenwald.