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Doc Emrick Receives Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award

Doc Emrick and Corey Miller

WFUV Sports' Corey Miller speaks with Doc Emrick at WFUV's inaugural "On the Record" event, which also serves as a fundraiser for the training of students in the news and sports departments at WFUV. (Drew Casey: WFUV Sports)


Mike "Doc" Emrick was honored at Monday Night's "On the Record" event with the Vin Scully Lifetime Achivement Award in Sports Broadcasting. The award is given annually by WFUV to recognize a broadcaster for their achievements in the world of sports broadcasting. Emrick is the first award winner to receive the award primarily for his work in the sport of hockey.

Emrick is the eighth recipient of the award whose namesake, Vin Scully (FCRH '49), is still the TV voice of the Los Angeleles Dodgers. At "On the Record," which was held at Fordham University's Law School on the Lincoln Center campus, Scully spoke through a short video to congratulate Emrick on the award, simply stating, "welcome to the club."

The 69-year-old Emrick, who was born just three years before Scully graduated from Fordham, had never met the legendary Dodgers broadcaster before hearing the news this March. Emrick has said that he was speechless upon receiving the phone call.

"Hi, Mike. This is Vin Scully, from Los Angeles," Scully told Emrick, which was relayed to the crowd at "On the Record" by Emrick himself. According to Emrick Scully then said, "I bet you're wondering why I'm calling."

Emrick was sure to thank those in the audience who have supported him throughout his career, including his wife Joyce, representatives from the NHL, long-time associates from the New Jersey Devils and colleagues from NBC Sports, including executive producer Sam Flood and broadcast partner Pierre McGuire.

Emrick now works exclusively for NBC Sports, calling weekly national games and playoff games, and is the voice of the NHL and Stanley Cup Playoffs on NBC. Before he took the role full-time, he served as the voice of the New Jersey Devils for 21 seasons. Emrick has been in the hockey broadcasting profession since 1973. His time in sportscasting has led him to minor league hockey jobs in Port Huron, Michigan and Portland, Maine, and an NHL job in Philadelphia with the Flyers between stints in New Jersey with the Devils.

Emrick has displayed his descriptive skills in more than one sport however, brodacasting multiple sports at the Olympic Games for CBS, TNT and NBC, as well as calling NFL and NCAA Basketball games on CBS.


Before the event, WFUV Sports' Corey Miller spoke with Doc Emrick about his career, his beginnings and about the award itself. To hear the exclusive interview, click play below.