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Dramatic Rise in Tourists Visiting Lower Manhattan

Dramatic Rise in Tourists Visiting Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan is Now Only Second to Time Square on the List of Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the City


The number of tourists visiting Lower Manhattan has risen dramatically since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
That's according to the city's tourism bureau. It reports that the area below Canal Street is the second most popular after Times Square.
According to the Wall Street Journal, NYC & Company says the Sept. 11 memorial that opened last year is one of the biggest draws. Other sites include Zuccotti Park - the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement - and the Brooklyn Bridge.
But with increased tourism, complaints from area residents also have risen. While happy with the area's revival, residents say the once quiet streets are crowded and traffic-jammed.
The City Council is set to address their concerns on Friday.