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Earth Day Highlights Environmental Concerns

Earth Day Highlights Environmental Concerns
NY Company Recycles Electronic Waste

Earth Day is coming up this Sunday, and has been celebrated every April for the last 42 years.  But the issues Earth Day focuses on have done anything but stay the same.

New York City's holding Earth Day events all weekend, many of them designed to highlight environmental concerns and possible solutions.  Joanna Black, an organizer with Earth Day New York, says Electronic-Waste is a huge issue.

”There’s so many heavy metals that are in the technology that we use today.” But Black says there is a solution right here at home, “There’s lots of resources available around New York City for people to drop off their technology to have it recycled.”

And at least one resource comes to you.  John Kirsch, co-founder of a company called 4th Bin, says they've made a business out of recycling people's old electronics. 

“We basically collect electronic waste from businesses of all sizes and we also do it for residents.  We go door to door.”

4th Bin has been recycling people's E-Waste since 2009.

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