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Family Reacts to Grand Jury's Decision

Family Reacts to Grand Jury's Decision
An NYPD officer won't be re-indicted in the death of an unarmed Bronx teenager.
In February of last year, an NYPD officer followed an unarmed Bronx teen into his home where he shot and killed him. The officer believed the suspect had a gun. Two court cases later, the officer has not been indicted. 
Family members and supporters of 18-year-old Ramarley Graham rallied outside the Bronx District Attorney's Office Thursday. They're upset with a Grand Jury's decision not to re-indict NYPD Officer Richard Haste. 
A judge tossed out an earlier indictment against Haste on manslaughter chargers due to erroneous instructions given to the grand jury. 
Frank Graham, Ramarley's father, said this latest decision has made him re-live his son's death. "I got so much pain and anger inside of me. And, I'm trying, I'm trying to keep calm because I lose my son that I love so much, and they kill us all over again," he said. 
The Graham family attorney says they'll take the case to federal court.
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