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FAQ: Our New Lineup

New Lineup


2-4am World Cafe
4-6am FUV Music
6-10am Corny O’Connell
10am-2pm Carmel Holt
2-6pm Dennis Elsas
6-10pm Alisa Ali
10pm-2am Darren DeVivo

2-4am World Cafe
4-6am FUV Music
6-10am Corny O’Connell
10am-2pm Carmel Holt
2-6pm Dennis Elsas
6-9pm The Whole Wide World with Rita Houston
9pm-12am The Alternate Side with Russ Borris

12-1am Grateful Dead Hour
1-2am Conversations from World Cafe
2-4am World Cafe
4-6am FUV Music
6-10am Carmel Holt
10am-1pm Russ Borris
1-4pm One on One
4-8pm Mixed Bag with Don McGee
8-10pm Cavalcade with Paul Cavalconte
10-11pm The Bottomless Pit with Marshall Crenshaw
11pm-12am UKNY with Kara Manning

12-2am Group Harmony Review with Dan Romanello
2-4am American Routes
4-5am E-Town
5-6am Sound Opinions
6-7am Fordham Conversations/Cityscape
7-8am The Thistle & Shamrock with Fiona Ritchie
8-11am A Thousand Welcomes with Kathleen Biggins
11am-12pm Sunday Mass
12-4pm Ceol na nGael with Shannon Spillane & Megan Townsend
4-5pm Woody’s Children with Bob Sherman
5-8pm Sunday Supper with John Platt
8pm-12am The Big Broadcast with Rich Conaty


What's happened with WFUV's weeknight programming?

Alisa Ali, who's been a content producer, interviewer, and host of The Alternate Side, is the new 6-10pm host, effective August 24. We're excited that Alisa, who was voted Best FM Radio Personality in the 2014 Village Voice Readers Poll, will be getting the exposure she deserves. Darren DeVivo will now be heard Monday-Thursday from 10pm-2am, with World Cafe following at 2am. That means that you can now hear our signature FUV Music mix 22 hours a day!

What's happening on the weekend?

Starting August 29, you'll be able to hear our acclaimed, curated FUV Music for the first time on Saturday mornings at 90.7 FM. Midday host and Assistant Music Director Carmel Holt will host 6-10am, then Music Director Russ Borris will host 10am-1pm.

Kathleen Biggins' longtime A Thousand Welcomes program moves to Sundays 8-11am on August 30. With The Thistle & Shamrock starting on Sundays at 7am and the ever-popular Ceol na nGael airing Sunday afternoons 12-4pm, now Celtic music lovers can hear all their favorite programs in one day -- with An Irish Sunday on WFUV.

Sunday Breakfast moves to 5-8pm, where John Platt will continue to serve up his familiar menu of folk, rock, and singer-songwriters, but now as Sunday Supper. With Woody's Children with Bob Sherman starting at 4pm and The Big Broadcast following from 8pm-midnight, we think there's a natural flow to carry you from Sunday afternoon into Sunday night.

What about The Alternate Side?

The Alternate Side stream comes to an end on 8/21. Cost was the major factor in that decision. We're confident that listeners of The Alternate Side will find plenty of the music they love at 90.7 FM. The Alternate Side will continue as a specialty program, hosted by Russ Borris, in an expanded version Fridays from 9pm-midnight.The Whole Wide World with Rita Houston will now be heard Fridays from 6-9pm.

Where have the other weekend programs gone?

World Cafe will air 2-4am Monday-Saturday, and Conversations from the World Cafe will air Friday night/Saturday morning at 1am. American Routes will be found on Sundays from 2-4am, followed by eTown from 4-5am and Sound Opinions from 5-6am. Fordham Conversations and Cityscape move to Sundays 6-7am, followed by The Thistle & Shamrock from 7-8am.

One Saturday morning show will end: Seamus Blake's Irish language show, Mile Failte. With the schedule changes, Dr. Blake is retiring. Seamus and his program have been an important part of WFUV's Irish offerings since 1978. We're all grateful to Doctor Blake for his many years on the radio, and his important work to preserve the Irish language.

Mountain Stage is also no longer part of WFUV's schedule. However, the program has archived performances for on-demand listening. You can also visit the web sites of World Cafe, American Routes, eTown, Sound Opinions, and The Thistle & Shamrock for on-demand listening. While we appreciate the quality of all those programs, our first priority at WFUV has always been to bring you the best locally-originated programming you can't find anywhere else.