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Feds Give States Money for High Speed Rails


Nearly $800 million in federal money will be used to upgrade high speed rail service on the Northeast corridor. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the improvements will save passengers thousands of traveling hours.

“There is a pin-up demand in America for high speed rail and not just by President Obama or Vice President Biden,” said LaHood. “This is what the people want.”

Under the plan announced Monday, several critical segments on the Northeast corridor will see train speeds increase from 135 to 160 miles per hour. The grant is part of the $2 billion of high speed rail money rejected by Florida.

Meanwhile, Connecticut has been awarded $30 million in leftover federal transportation money. The funds are intended for a high-speed rail project between New Haven and Springfield, Massachussetts. However, some state leaders are not satisfied with that amount. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal said he wants to know why the area did not receive a bigger share of the funds rejected by Florida. Blumenthal said the state hoped for $227 million.