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Field Report - Words and Music - 2012

Milwaukee's Chris Porterfield and his band Field Report return to NYC this week, and we have a preview on today's Take Five. See video too.

The "story" behind Field Report is that Chris Porterfield used to be in a band called DeYarmond Edison with Justin Vernon (a.k.a. Bon Iver) along with brothers Brad and Phil Cook, and Joe Westerlund, who are currently in the band Megafaun.

The guys are all still good friends, and there is no bad blood at all. In fact quite the opposite: Vernon actually invited Porterfield and Field Report to his studio to record their debut album, which for the record (pun intended) is gorgeous. The album is very lyrically driven, which is interesting because Chris didn't start writing lyrics until much later in his music career.  He used to consider himself just a "background player" in DeYarmond Edison.

Normally it really is a tragedy when a great band breaks up, but in this case DeYarmond Edison gave rise to three fantastic bands, with Field Report being the last one to form. Hard to say which is best of the three, but easy to see that they are all very talented. I hope you enjoy the session as much as I did. 

[recorded: 07/18/12]